March 14, 2003


By Señor © 2003

Chetra is pure innocence. She is a sweet, loving, caring, 18 year old virgin, and having a tight little body is a great added bonus. During my last visit to Cambodia, Chetra shared my bed every night. True, she is still a virgin, but I must admit cuddling up with such a beautiful women, inside and out, was thrilling and wonderful. Chetra loves me with all her heart and desperately wishes to marry me. You know what? I love her too and could do a lot worse when it comes to choosing a bride. There is just one small problem. Soghin.

Soghin is a seductress. She has supermodel looks and a great personality to boot! Not only do I like her as a person but I also lust after her like I've never lusted before. Soghin also loves me and would marry me in a heartbeat. You know what? I love her too and could do a lot worse!

Chetra and Soghin are SISTERS! Sisters that I will be moving in with in less than a week. Well, this is a precarious situation at best. I know that Chetra will expect to share my bed. Soghin does not know anything about this, nor do I know how she will handle it. I decided to be upfront with Soghin and tell her everything before we move in together.

I was in Thailand and flew Soghin into Bangkok to meet her for a couple of days of hardcore heart to heart conversations. As honesty is the best policy, I believed my plan was flawless.

Well not flawless exactly. First of all, getting only one hotel room for the two of us probably wasn't the smartest idea and thinking I could control my lust for her was just plain stupid. I picked Soghin up at the airport and when I hugged her hello she gently brushed her crotch area against mine. We were soon holding hands, then caressing one another and then, well, let’s just say separate beds were not necessary. Soghin and I are enjoying each other and having a wonderful time. Normally fulfilling one's sexual fantasy's is a good thing, but what the hell is gonna happen when I move in with both sisters! I have now shared my bed with both lovely young sisters and neither knows the truth about the other.

The moment of truth came after I confessed everything to Soghin. I told her that I was quite sure that Chetra planned to sleep with me every night once we move in together. Fist Soghin was shocked. The she calmly told me that Chetra is 18 now, no longer a child, and she could do as she pleased. Now it was my turn to be in shock. Her answer both excited and angered me. Instead of accepting the fact that Soghin was OK with me hooking up with her sister I yelled out, "What about us? Don't I mean anything to you?"

Boy the fucking ego can really get in the way! But this was one time I was glad I pushed. Soghin then told me that if Chetra wanted me to herself at nighttime that was OK with her because Chetra works from 1:00pm to 10:00pm and that time will be Soghin time!

Señor, a pants dropper, was last seen living in Cambodia.

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