March 14, 2003

>March 2003 (Vol.2, Issue 3)

Welcome to Truckin' my monthly E-Zine. This month's issue includes... 7 (that's right seven!) McG stories: another Subway Story, a classic McGrupp & Señor story called Shooting Pool, a three part series called Phishin' Tales, my monthly indie film review, and The Girl Next Door: Epsiode 2. Also in this issue is current Cambodia love triangle by Señor entitled Sisters. And Armando Huerta returns with a hilarious bit on cheap souvenirs. So sit back, relax, enjoy, and spread the word! Thanks for all your support! Be Sweet, McG

1. Subway Story: Ides of March by Tenzin McGrupp
As the train raced downtown I noticed that Molly was staring at the other passengers that sat on the semi-crowded subway. “You know, it’s not even a politeness thing, it’s just a New York thing. You don’t look at other people in NYC, especially on the subways. That’s how’ll you’ll get shot,” I warned... More

2. Sisters by Señor
Chetra is pure innocence. She is a sweet, loving, caring, 18 year old virgin, and having a tight little body is a great added bonus... Soghin is a seductress. She has supermodel looks and a great personality to boot! Not only do I like her as a person but I also lust after her like I've never lusted before... Chetra and Soghin are SISTERS! ... More

3. Shooting Pool by Tenzin McGrupp
I was kicked out of the Holland Casino for a dress code violation... and there I stood at the entrance trying to get in, decked out in Birkenstocks, ripped jeans, and a NY Knicks T-shirt. It didn’t help that I had been tripping on mushrooms for most of the night... More

4. Kitty Kat Crap by Armando Huerta
Every city that has even an inkling of tourism inevitably has a section of town that houses nothing but store after store pandering this godforsaken crap on pea brained tourists walking around with Bermuda shorts and sunburned knees... More

5. New Jersey Blues: Phishin' Tales Part 1 by Tenzin McGrupp
He dug into the inside pocket of his jacket and pulled out a joint. He handed it to me. “I wanted to give it to someone who had a smiling face. And you seem to be that guy.” ... More

6. Mollydelphia: Phishin' Tales Part 2 by Tenzin McGrupp
I was running late and the last thing I needed was to get into a fender bender in the parking lot of the liquor store. For a few minutes, I really felt the sharp pains of having to come to grips with the worst-case scenario: I am not going to see Phish in Philadelphia... More

7. Strong Island Unbound: Phishin' Tales Part 3 by Tenzin McGrupp
We met up with Spider and Gil at Penn Station and took the LIRR to the Island. Molly was shocked to see people drinking single cans of beer in brown paper bags on the commuter train. “It’s routine, in many ways ritualistic for the male suburban commuter,” I explained, “in the morning it’s coffee, in the evening it’s a Bud tallboy.” ... More

8. Indie Film Review: March by Tenzin McGrupp
Reviews of the films: American Movie: The Making of Northwestern, Interiors, Gray's Anatomy, Chelsea Walls, and Storytelling... More

9. The Girl Next Door: Epsiode 2 by Tenzin McGrupp
I sat on the edge of my couch and turned on the TV, as she paced back and forth shouting obscenities and holding back tears, trying her hardest not to cry, while I tired my best efforts to pretend not to be listening in on her drama. In the middle of her Sunday morning tirade she managed to help herself to a beer in my fridge and lit of a cigarette.... More