September 18, 2002


By Señor © 2002

Saturday night, midnight. I was tired. As I walked to my bungalow I was awed and energized by the beauty of the full moon. I decided to take a walk along the beach. At this hour on this particular beach I had the place to myself. I walked along, accompanied only by the sounds of the waves crashing ashore and guided by the moon and stars. I walked on and on. Before I knew if I had put five miles between where I was and my bungalow. I was now entering Chaweng Beach. I came upon the area where all the beach souvenir shops are. You know the kind where you can buy t-shirts, cheap art work, jewelry, fake tattoos, little Buddha statues and so on. In the distance I could make out one light shining. But all the shops had closed hours ago. What was the deal with the light? I walked on. As I approached the shop where the light was coming from a little old Thai women invited me in to have a look around her shop. I had no intention of buying anything, but then again I certainly was in no rush. A beautiful bracelet caught my eye and I immediately thought of Kanjini, a particularly beautiful Malaysian women now living here on Samui. It was perfect for her! Before I could say anything the old women picked up the bracelet and gave it to me. I asked how much. She told me by the look on my face she knew that this bracelet was the perfect gift for someone very special to me. The only payment she would accept was to share in my joy of giving such a perfect gift. I was overwhelmed by her love and I gave her a hug. As I hugged her I noticed incredible warmth radiating from her body. Strange as it was a particular chilly evening. After the hug she took my hand and brought me into a back room to join her for some tea.

She poured my tea and began speaking. What came out of her mouth still boggles my mind to this day and probably will for years to come. She told me that she had been waiting for me for a long time. My stumbling onto her shop was no accident. She then addressed me by my Hebrew name, Aryeh Dovid Ben Aharon Hirsh. This name had not been uttered since I was last called to the Torah at my little brothers Bar Mitzvah back in August 1990! I was shocked and she began to tell me vague clues about my future life. I could barely focus on what she was saying. Something about being on the right path and living in India for several years. Just as I began to regain my composure she hit me with another bombshell. She called out my grandfather’s name, Phillip Goltz, she was feeling his presence. My grandfather, one of my ultimate heroes in life, has been dead for 10 years! She alerted me that he is looking out for me. Checking in from time to time to give me little pushes when need be. Who is this woman? I had so many questions to ask her. All she would tell me was that I had guided her in past lives and now was her turn to help me.

What was happening here? Was I drugged? I'm a realist from New York City. This kinda shit doesn't happen in real life! Well, believe me, it was happening and it was very real! I tried to find out more about her, but she was tired and she escorted me out. I went on my way filled with disbelief and in an utter state of shock! I didn't sleep at all that night. I needed a rationalization to explain what I had experienced, but could think of none. By noon the next day I couldn't take it anymore. I hopped onto my motorbike and drove to Chewang beach. Of course my little old lady was not in her shop. And of course, I was told that no little old lady works there at all.

Ever since I arrived in Thailand I have been living a surreal life. The factors that brought me here are inexplicable to me and the events that continue simply continue to mystify me. I don't know which pill that I took many years ago that has come back to haunt me. Or perhaps I pissed off the wrong person? Or just maybe I had been sleeping through the first 30 years old my life. I am now, finally in the real world, having real world experiences. Believe what you will. I lived it and have no choice but to accept reality. Guidance and love can be found everywhere. Going forward my eyes, ears and heart will be open and ready to receive. Who knows what’s coming next!

Señor is a pants dropper from Samui, Thailand.

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