September 18, 2002

9.11.02 Letter

By Stephen Adkins © 2002

One year later, I, a thug, a malcontent take aim with my Nikon F5 in order to get it down on photopaper. No, it still don’t make no kind of sense...

Dear McGrupp,

Hope you and yours, (the whole of NEW YORK CITY!) made it through in a bit better way than when it was still too fresh to get behind, like a heroin needle with a burr on the end, too painful and fresh to forget, a new world order is born not of our making. This year has been too wild, totally out of kilter and a real bummer for the people of this country. We need to have an extended time of unbridled joy and I do not know where that is gonna come from... I was at the Seattle Center, before the politicians began speaking (I just could not hear those windbags), for quiet reflection and meditation behind my Nikon. It was low key, respectful and I’m glad I went and paid my respects in my own way. I got some images so I can take that away with me.

My disgust for this administration grows like a boil on my spine, I cannot control the actions of it; too hard to get at and too big to destroy. I can only change my response to what I see, with kindness, compassion and photography. It is all I have. It is my gift to humanity, my calling. Since last year, I have re-appraised alot about myself. And, there is alot about myself I do not like. However, my life with a camera has a purpose, a meaning and a path to follow... this most likely does not make a whit of sense or difference to anyone but me, but McGrupp, I was thinking hard about you today, and I just wanted you to know I’m glad you are still around still living in the greatest city in the world with the best baseball team ever, and that I love you and wish you peace joy and happiness.

Rock on!

Stephen Adkins is a photographer from Seattle, WA.

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