June 07, 2002

What a long strange trip it's been...

From the Editor's Laptop: I hope you enjoyed the first issue of TRUCKIN'. Thanks to the generosity of the writers who shared their intimate experiences with us, we were all able to be transported and taken along for the ride across our vast country from Yellowstone Park to the corrupt locals of Cambodia, from the crowded subways of NYC to the sandy the beaches of Vietnam, from a Phish concert in Fukuoka, JAPAN, to Jackson, Wyoming, from an innocent peek into a strip bar in Warsaw, Poland, to Whirly Ball in Chicago and beyond. This is the just the beginning of my vision of self publishing! More to come, as more ideas are already popping up in my head. Thanks to the writers who submitted articles. You all did an excellent job. Next month's issue promises to be as exciting and diverse.

In the upcoming JULY issue, catch the next installments of SeƱor's Asian travels as well as some surprises from yours truly, Tenzin McGrupp.

In the meantime read my most recent experiment, E-Story 2: Ivan the Russian Cab Driver.

If you would like to comment or contact any of the authors, please send an E-mail here: CONTACT TRUCKIN'

Again, thanks for your support!

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