June 21, 2002

Truckin' June 2002, Vol 1, Issue

Welcome to Truckin' my new monthly E-Zine! This month's issue features the debut of several new writers, as well as a piece I wrote for Japhans all over the world. Relax, enjoy, and please tell your friends about this new site. Thanks for all your support. Salukis!

1. Subway Quotes by Tenzin McGrupp
2. The Cheshire Grin by Señor
3. Desperation by Inasa J. Carter
4. The WHAT Lounge? by Armando Huerta
5. Fukuoka, Phishy City by Tenzin McGrupp
6. Sisters Do America by Lori Blandford
7. How High Can You Try by Señor
8. The Catch Up Conversation by Tenzin McGrupp