June 19, 2002

Subway Quotes

by Tenzin McGrupp

Top 4 Quotes I heard on the subway in the last week:

4. "He's smart and cute, dresses really nice and he likes musicals, but no, he's not gay." -overheard on the No. 1 Train by two Columbia U co-eds talking about her date the night before

3. "Yo, if I was homeless, yo, I'd do something stupid to get thrown in jail. Then I'd get a place to sleep and three meals to eat, yo. But the only bad thing is that you have to become a woman. And that hurts, yo." -from a group of kids on the A Train

2. "New York is a safe city, and I have no complaints, excpet the night I was shot for no reason." -from a lady who was talking to a group of European tourists on the No. 1 Train

1. "Oh my goodness, is that shit coming out of his shorts? And I thought he just smelled bad." -young woman to me on the No. 1 Train

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