April 08, 2007

Sure My Name is Dave

By Paul D. Lane © 2007

It was 1992 and my ill-considered three year marriage was coming to an end, I was on a Naval amphibious assault ship the U.S.S Duluth and I only had a few short months till my four year enlistment in the Marines was up. I had gotten the news a few ports earlier. I made the usual call to the wife to see how she and the kid were doing. I knew what was coming when she said, "I don't think you love me anymore." The point had been made. I hung up when she said she wanted a divorce.

Oh well, I thought to myself, I made it through the Gulf war; I can make it through this crap. The Marines go on these deployments for six months at a time. The mission was we go around on ship for six months and hope we don't see much action. I was semi-relieved when I got the news from my soon-to-be-ex that we were over. I took that as a pass to march on with my life. The deployment had taken us to Hawaii, Guam, Philippines and several other fun stops. The next venue was Perth in Western Australia; I was really looking forward to this in that we had no operations planed, just five days of liberty.

The Fleet was met by a big party when we pulled in, the locals had setup a nice big welcome party, and we actually were in a port very near Perth called Fremantle. The Party was fun beer and sandwiches and lots of local women, at the party I met a local family, mother and daughter who agreed to take me sight-seeing the next evening.

I met up with them the next day and the ladies actually showed me a very good time taking me to several interesting sites, including a prison where the last execution had taken place there in the sixties. The day included a nice lunch at a very quaint pub. The day went on and the mom said her daughter was to drop her off at home since she was tired. I was thinking jackpot of course.

I was feeling pretty good by the time we dropped mom off, it was sunset and we pulled into a little parking lot near the beach so we could talk. I thought she was going to play hard to get but she surprised me, she went right down on it. I do not have to tell any man that if it's been a while, you sure do enjoy a good blowjob. I am always slightly put off after a lady gives me a blowjob by what to say It is a little awkward. We just kind of made small talk after that then she took me back to the pier and dropped me off at my ship. I told her I would call her and we would get together again before I left, which I did not do. I guess I was still feeling a tad bit pissed off by the whole female race.

The next morning when I woke I was in a chipper mood. I decided to go on the train into Perth. I did not know in the least I would have one of the most memorable days of my life. The train ride was very nice and clean, no crazies like in some large American cities.

I got off at my stop in Perth and was bit lost not having a clue where to go or what to see. I went up the escalator to head on out to the street to get my bearings. I noticed when I got to the top of the escalator a very hot little Asian girl was checking me out.

I decided in my best military manner that this needed further investigating. I leaned against a rail there, letting her check me out. I could tell she thought she knew me or that I looked familiar, because she just kept staring at me. I was starting to get up the courage to go say hi when she finally came over she said a little shyly, "Are you Dave?"

I held out my hand and said, "Of course I am."

I decided a little thing like a name should not stand in the way of us getting to know each other. She said it was a good thing I had the idea to wear a purple shirt so she would know me. I knew my purple shirt was lucky but this was just crazy.

I found out later Dave was another Marine who was supposed to meet her there and he would be wearing a purple shirt. I decided it must have been destiny for me to beat Dave there. We decided to go sightseeing. She showed me around the city and we had a nice day.

After a while I had to give up the charade of pretending to be Dave since she had talked with him on the phone and kept catching me in tiny little lies. I was hoping she would not be mad and she just laughed it off and started calling me by my real name, Paul.

The day was coming to an end. In the afternoon we had taken the train a short ways out of Perth to where my young lady lived. She wanted to show me this little park next to her apartment. The time we had spent together had been very easy and we both had only one thing on our minds. I sat down behind a large tree on the grass and she sat down beside me. I reached out and started to unzip her pants and she said, "Don't stop at the zipper."

I of course did not.

Paul D. Lane and I am a comlpete degenerate gambler living in Southern Arizona with his wife and daughter.

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