April 08, 2007

The Night 911 Failed to Ring

By May B. Yesno © 2007

NOTE: After receiving notification that my last piece was published in the Truckin' I reply returned the eNotification with a note attached. In that note to the editor, I indicated that I would probably skip the next months issue. However, as I am noted for being concerned of other people - at best in my own mind; I added to the note that if the publisher felt anxiety, to eMail me and challenge me with a subject, and I would respond with a story (or at least that is what I led them to believe).

After the eMail disappeared into never, never, wherever, it occurred to me that the editor/publisher might, as seems to be their wont, panic and cease publication for the month with inferior materials to fill the edition. Inferior not in quality of penmanship, but quantity from uninterested persons, unspecified; and in their panic fail to realize that true genius awaited their very beckoning of distress.

The very concept of conceiving a plot, while simple, may suffer the malaise of creative genius. That malaise is easily explained as the active mind tends to sink into a morass of creativity with subjects, plots, beginnings and endings tumbling atop one another. Selecting the best from the superior can, at times, prove difficult. To assist the editor/publisher therefore; I felt compelled to create a subject line well before the expected melt down date and save myself having to satisfy another's itch. I determined the included small, un-important, event to be sufficient to forestall a panicked notification to myself at some unspecified, ill timed, future date.

The thought of the possible necessity of "Pulling Another's Chestnuts From The Fire" is rather unappealing in view of the impending graduation of ones off spring from both the highly selective private school he has been attending for the past ten years, and from the advanced courses he, himself, selected many months past.

I confess the impending graduation is a bright event in what could be construed a dullards life. My off spring has displayed little spark and sparkle in his pursuits, and has proven somewhat of a disappointment, if one considers the careful planning embedded in the union of my spouse and myself. I carefully examined the intellectual properties of his extended family, to include their relative social position before consenting to the union, believing resulting progeny would demonstrate the superiority of selective breeding. To some that rings cold and calculating; however, in actuality, it is simply fact that from the best stock come the finest. One must never lose that thread, because we each bear responsibility to improve the human race; as well as our own, immediate, condition.

The selection of elective courses by the off spring, which I consider far beneath his life's station and my expectations, did please me somewhat. I was elated when informed by him of his desire as it was among the first self created acceptable endeavors he had under taken. Except for improper pursuits most young men appear to enjoy, of course; and even then undertaken in groups, one feeding from another. Miserable lot, the male, at the best of times. However, this initiative by the off spring seemed to originate from an individual curiosity. It was only after extensive questioning and probing for logical reasoning did I indulged him.

His particular interest in communications fascinated me; though his seeming narrow focus on telephony was disturbing, in so far as it impinged on a “trade.” His station is well above standing in a mud soaked ditch or sitting on a bucket beside the road eliminating the troubles for that sort of persons, who wish nothing more of life than to share their immediate miserable lives with other ne'er do wells; or to purchase the latest mass produced, mass marketed disposable rag of pirated style.

However, the off spring countered each point introduced in the discussion with logical assumptions and clearly enunciated counter-points. A major telling point in his discourse involved the belief that knowledge of the basic of the craft would extend far in the proper management and supervision of individuals actually performing the labors, as he would have some sympathy to the extent of their short comings and tribulations. Which is always a factor with the trades.

Following that discourse, I ensured the credentials of the several courses of instruction the off spring presented me and satisfied myself his real desire to imbibe the knowledge. And supported the project.

All of which, I'm afraid, is outside the realm of the story I have undertaken to satisfy an angst attack from an editor.

That story assumes from an article in the local print media. The article reports indicate a home manufactured explosive device had been discovered in the confines of the local civic structure; housing the confinement facilities, the Sheriff's Office, the County Court House and all the other required physical properties necessary to the administration of local government.

This report, far from inciting the local populace as it well should, appeared to seep through the ether without touching minds anywhere. It is, in the realm of publishing engrained, and of more than passing interest. And as such items occur, excellent fodder for submission for publication; even if said publication were at a distance from the occurrence. Therefore, I planned follow-up; but I needed details.

The logical individual to approach would be the Sheriff. This individual, however, is a first water Bigot and an out right Chauvinist who has been in a position of some little authority far too long. I have encountered his mealy mouth and evasive character while attempting to protect my property and liberty some few times previous. I was forced to invoke my spouses status in the community a number of times to achieve my peace. But, then, there is little point of having it if one does not use it to achieve ones desires.

I determined, therefore, that a certain Sergeant of the State Department of Investigation would be the source I required for honest and forth-right answers to my inquires. I contacted him. His condensed explanation follows. I was forced to condense the conversation because I am, after all, somewhat attractive and a personality among those who know me. The Sergeant, thinking of it, is rather attractive also, and some portions of the conversation were intensely personal.

Never the less: The Sergeant reported that, indeed, a large (his emphasis) devise had been discovered in the complex and that the explosive had been placed in such a manner and was of such size, that with detonation, the cells of the confinement facility, the Sheriff dispatcher, the office of the County Attorney and several other administrative offices, including the offices of the Sheriff himself, would have been destroyed, not just damaged.

Suspecting the Sergeant was withholding some information, I pressed and he reluctantly admitted that certain information was being withheld from the public. I pressed more. He then informed me that the means of triggering the explosion were unique in design and demonstrated a very creative mind. It appeared that the outside, street corner, telephone tower for the 911 lines had been outfitted with a small FM transmission device. The device, when the number rang in the Dispatch office, would close, sending a signal. The investigating officials had discovered two other receiving/transmitting units after finding the explosives container was to be triggered by radio frequencies.

The Sergeant said that there appeared to be three fortunate gaps in an otherwise clever endeavor. The more minor gap was that the distances involved between the small transmitter and the repeater units helped in the Non-explosion. Then he stated; the placement of the units helped in the fact they were behind the metal rain guttering of the building and the explosive receiving unit itself was behind a metal door. The first he said must have been Divine Intervention; in that for the first time since the inception of the 911 system in that area there were no, repeat none, 911 calls initiated in the probable time frame considered.

Which was what prompted the Sheriff, when this happening was reported to him, to call the telephone company technician locally, who for some reason did not try the number but drove to the exchange house. On his way he happened to check the pillar box and discovered the signaling device, which he disconnected from the terminals.

The investigation followed.

Even though the story will write itself, I must place it aside for the nonce.

My off spring has begun badgering me for funds to vacation in Mexico recently. After reading what I have before hand written, I believe cancellation of his credit cards is the next step since I've already closed his bank accounts and notified the Federal State Department to terminate his passport. One must remember to caution ones off spring that graduation is a highly public demonstration of milestones everyone looks forward, both to achieve and be seen achieving. I must also impress upon him that achieving graduation in Telephony is not necessarily something he would wish the public to know, as a trades item, you understand.

Control and utilization of an undiscovered talent is very important. A more noble use is required. But, first, control necessary.

May B. Yesno is a writer from Fresno, CA.

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