June 23, 2005


by Kasia Klyne © 2005

I woke up early in the morning, my body still trembling from the exquisite pleasure I had experienced the night before. I could feel a slight blush spread across my face as I recalled our activities and the complete abandon that he had made me feel. I had never felt so uninhibited in my life, and I was amazed at the things I had been willing to do for him. My movements must have awakened him, as he rolled over and smiled at me. Not a word was spoken between us, but I dared not look away or even blink as I wanted to capture every moment I had staring deep into his eyes. I knew that the look on my face must have been one of complete lust, still relishing in the glow from the previous night.

He got out of bed to go make coffee, asking me to dress into something sexy as he left the room. Unsure of what he had planned, I slipped on a pair of black panties, cut high on the side with not more than a g-string in the back. I put on a matching bra and slipped on my favorite piece of lingerie, a silky, form fitting camisole that reached just to the bottom of my ass, slightly showing off each cheek. I covered everything with my black silky robe.

I walked out into living room and found him sitting in the armchair. He motioned for me to be silent, and then with his finger indicated for me to turn around so he could see me from all angles. As I turned around he smiled slightly, and I knew he approved of what I had chosen to wear. A slight sigh of relief escaped my lips, and I could see that he was amused by my insecurity. Still not sure what he was up to, I awaited my next silent instruction. When none came, I understood that it was up to me to do what I thought would please him.

Deciding to remove my robe, I reached to my middle and untied the silky belt holding it together. Without ever letting my eyes leave his, I let the opening widen, falling to my sides. My hands spread the material slightly apart, and then ran along my waist and across my hips to push the material off of me, letting it slide off my shoulders and down to the floor. I turned a little to the side, watching his eyes run up and down my body. I bent over very, very slowly, reaching down to pick up the robe that had fallen to the floor so I could toss it out of my way. When I reached it I paused, knowing that he was watching the sight of my ass barely covered by the g-string. I gradually straightened up and watched as his eyes snapped back to mine, checking to see if I was still watching him. I smiled, knowing he expected me to maintain eye contact with him and that I hadn't displeased him by being caught looking away. I was also smiling because I knew I had his complete attention, and there was nothing at that moment that could have given me greater pleasure.

I knew that he would want to participate, not just watch me, so I walked over to where his riding crop sat, and picked it up gingerly. It felt strange being in my hand as it belonged to him. I brought it to him quickly, and took a couple of steps back to give him some room to assess what he wanted to do. Watching his eyes carefully, I could see that they looking at my waist area, but were not focused there. I turned slightly to the side, and could tell that it was my ass he wanted to see again. I turned a little more, just enough so that I could still see his eyes, and he brought the tip of the crop to my camisole, lifting it up to expose my panties. I instinctively knew he wanted me to remove it so I slipped it over my head quickly, not wanting to lose eye contact for longer than absolutely necessary.

His eyes darted back down to my ass, and he started to use the crop to stroke across my cheeks again, delivering light smacks which sent delicious shivers up my spine. I could feel the tip of the crop running along the g-string down to my asshole, and then underneath until it reached my pussy. With a shock I realized how much my senses were ready for this, and felt a rush of pleasure spin throughout my body as he gently teased me.

My body was screaming for him to touch me, so I moved a couple of steps closer and turned so I was facing him head on. His eyes meet mine for a brief moment, and then they looked down to my bra. Reaching around my back I unhooked it and tossed it to the side, exposing my breasts fully to him. He still didn't make a move to touch me, so I took my own hand and ran it ever so gently across my nipple, watching his eyes as my nipple hardened on contact, begging for more attention. I then took both hands and cupped my tits, every now and then licking the tip of my finger and teasing my nipples again. His eyes snapped back up to mine, and I got the feeling that he wanted to touch them now, to use them for his own pleasure. I moved even closer to him and immediately slipped down to my knees, leaning in so that my chest was within reach of his hands and mouth.

He reached out and squeezed one of my nipples, teasing and twisting it, and then reached for the other to do the same. He lifted me up so his mouth could envelop them one by one, continuing the onslaught now with his teeth. He never actually hurt me, but caused an erotic sort of pain, moans of excitement escaping from my lips as his mouth ravished me. I was watching his every move now, reveling in the exquisite sight of him taking control of my body. My nipples were shining a bright pink color when he finally removed his mouth from them, and they were aching. Not from pain, but from a hunger deep within wanting his mouth back on them.

He motioned for me to stand up, and then looked down to my panties. I could tell that he wanted them off, and wanted them off now. I was able to see the desire in his eyes, the sexual heightening that overcame him, the raw, vivid passion that he felt. I was almost taken to my knees again by the sheer power he exuded, the control he had over me. I knew that I would do anything to have him touch me again, to feel his body against mine, to feed the hunger that we both shared. I removed my g-string quickly and watched for a sign as to what he wanted me to do next.

He motioned for me to get back on my knees, but to turn around facing away from him this time. I was now very nervous, not because I was afraid of what he may do, but because I couldn't see his eyes and would have to trust my instincts to please him. Facing away from him on my knees, my hands fell to the floor so I was in a doggy-style position. Since his attention had been mostly on my ass, I felt that is where he would want to focus most. I stretched my hands along the carpet in front of me and let them slowly slide away until my chest was almost touching the floor and my ass was high in the air, about two feet away from him. I stayed in this position as he stood up and removed his clothing before dropping to his knees directly behind me.

I felt a gentle smack on my left ass cheek, and I knew that he was now ready. He was caressing and lightly spanking my ass with his left hand, and in his right hand he held the crop which was running along my back. He removed his left hand and I could feel him pour warm oil onto my skin, on my ass and then down to mingle with my already soaked pussy. I sat up a bit and reached between my legs to rub it in, paying particular attention to my asshole, quite sure that was where he wanted to go with this. I moved my hands to my pussy and rubbed the oil in there too, massaging my clit in the process, trembling with desire at finally being able to acknowledge the ache that had been persistent there since we started. I knew that he liked it when I teased myself and then abruptly stopped, letting the passion build. He wanted to control my orgasms, having the control over when and how I came.

I felt his breath on my neck, never actually touching me but causing a rippling sensation across my skin. I could swear that he had me wrapped up in his arms, so great was his presence. He pushed down on my back and I went back to the position I was in earlier. I could feel pressure on my asshole once again, and this time I knew it was the handle of the crop pressing against me, causing luscious sensations to spread across my ass. I whimpered slightly as I felt the first shocking pain that always comes, then sighed in pleasure as the entry was made and he started stroking in and out. He was gentle at first, then with increased fervor he began fucking my ass with the crop handle. My hand went back to my pussy again, letting myself enjoy just enough to bring me one step closer to orgasm before I stopped, denying myself any further pleasure until he was ready for me to have it.

I was shaking with desire when he removed the crop handle from my ass and flipped me over so I was now facing him. With a longing look I gazed at him, feeling the lust race throughout my body. He didn't move, just kept looking into my eyes until I finally spoke my first word, unable to wait any longer. "Please," I whispered. He gave me an inquiring look, teasing me, pretending he didn't know what I wanted him to do. I couldn't keep silent any longer, and repeated myself, unable to speak above a whisper. He always loved that word on my lips, the word of complete abandon. When he still didn't move, I began begging him to take me, telling him I wanted him inside my pussy, fucking me, taking me, owning me.

Finally he grabbed my hips, yanked them towards him, and in one long stroke he entered me. He started stroking faster and faster, pounding into me as though his life depended on his release, fucking me so hard and so fast. I spread my legs wider and he entered me deeper than I ever thought possible. I could feel that he was ready to explode which sent me right over the edge, making me cum instantly, over and over. I loved knowing that I succeeded in pleasing him to the point that his whole body was shaking, his grip on me tightening, his body shuddering with the release of his own amazing orgasm, covering my entire body with his hot, hot cum. We fell to the floor where we both lay panting, drenched in each others moisture. After a moment of rest, he leaned over to me and looked into my eyes. Bringing his face close to mine, he smiled and whispered something so quiet that I couldn't make it out at first. Then I realized that he was ending his silence by whispering my name. I smiled back at him as our lips touched once more in a long, passionate kiss.

Kasia Klyne is an Erotic fiction writer from New Orleans, LA.

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