June 16, 2003

June 2003 (Vol 2., Issue 6)

Welcome to my monthly blog-zine and the Birthday edition of Truckin'! This month's issue includes two special selections. The Reader's Choice and the Editor's Choice... which are the best two stories from last year's effort! Senor is back with a casino tale (part of a running gambling theme). Armando Huerta returns with another Greece story. And Stephen Adkins shares with us a story about a recent Pow-Wow that he atteneded in Seattle. Of course I submitted a new short story about two of your favorite characters: Baby & Winky Jr.! And I also have a two part story about my trip to Providence last month, which includes a gambling showdown with none other than... Kato Kaelin!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy! Be Sweet, McG

1. Sexual Chocolate: Another Baby and Winky, Jr. Adventure by Tenzin McGrupp
During a three month stretch back in the summer of 1999, Baby and I got addicted to smoking crack and gambling at the race track... More

2. The Graveyard Shift by Senor
I had never worked the graveyard shift before and I wasn't looking forward to it. To be perfectly honest with you I wasn't exactly sure how I was gonna handle it... More

3. Outside Providence Part 1: The Howl of a Greyhound by Tenzin McGrupp
The bus driver made an announcement. “Regarding cell phones. I have one rule. Keep your calls short and low. Low and short. Got it?”... More

4. Talk to the Hand by Armando Huerta
Just having hosted two American friends for the past week I really became aware of how much more accustomed I’ve become to Greek mannerisms and expressions... More

5. Outside Providence Part 2: The Kato Shuffle by Tenzin McGrupp
I knew I won the pot. It was a question of whether or not I could suck out more money from Kato. But there was one more card left. The River. The dealer put down the last card and it was a Queen. I looked at Kato and tried to learn anything from his body movement. He was still... More

6. Seattle Pow-Wow by Stephen Adkins
Several hundred people from as far away as North Dakota, Arizona and Montana were in attendance at this very special Pow-Wow... More

7. Reader's Choice: Baby's Steak Knife and Winky's Salad by Tenzin McGrupp
Our symbiotic original connection only lasted for a second maybe two, but it was one of those eternal seconds that seem to last forever and you never want to end. It’s those eclectic moments you come across while thinking about life’s odd idiosyncrasies, while stuck in a sullen slouch at the end of a bar, drinking away the roughness of the day’s grind... More

8. Editor's Choice: Nagoya by Tenzin McGrupp
About thirty or so of the most beautiful Japanese women sit and stand before us, all of them with their eyes fixated on Señor's huge smile... I arrive at a moment of clarity. I tap Señor on the shoulder and whisper in his ear, "Bro, either we are in the coolest bar on the planet, or we just walked into a whorehouse."... More