February 15, 2003

February 2003 (Vol.2, Issue 2)

Welcome to Truckin' my monthly E-Zine. This month's issue includes another subway story from me, a fiction bit from Mona LaVigne, a story from our Southeast Asian contact Señor with a tale from Nepal, and Armando Huerta, our European contact, returns with a Vienna story. So sit back, relax, enjoy, and spread the word! Thanks for all your support! Be Sweet, McG

1. Feb Subway Story: Fallen Angel by Tenzin McGrupp
They all sat across from me, a family of four, each of them bundled up in winter clothing; mittens, scarves, and woolen hats, protecting them from the Canadian artic air that swept down into the North East, that brazenly unleashed a deep freeze which had last nearly two week... More

2. Just Your Average Week in Nepal by Señor
Entering Nepal was a life long dream come true. Just walking the streets of Thamel, the tourist center of Katmandu, was thrilling. The delightful "namaste" greetings and warm smiles I received from the Nepali people eased all my fears of any trouble that might be lurking... More

3. The Girl Next Door by Tenzin McGrupp
I sold weed daily to Republicans and Democrats, men and women, Yankees fans and Mets fans alike. It didn’t matter, there was one thing everyone I saw had in common, they loved marijuana. And let me say they also liked seeing me... More

4. Ring by Mona LaVigne
I had sold the ring. The answers to my prayers was the cash in hand. I had not eaten in three days, and I had finally given in. Bartholomew would have killed me if he’d known that I’d profited from his grandmother’s diamond, but fuck it... More

5. Indie Film Review by Tenzin McGrupp
Read reviews of: Igby Goes Down, Business of Strangers, No Such Thing, La Fille Seule, and Where the Buffalo Roam... More

6. The Viennese Waltz by Armando Huerta
True, the Austro-Hungarian Empire is responsible for the Gabor sisters, but they did balance it out with impressive architecture and grand boulevards... More

7. Growers by Tenzin McGrupp
The disgruntled taxpayers moaned and whined at their local representative in a town hall meeting, where dozens upon dozens of the county’s struggling farmers were being screwed over by the suits in Washington... More