December 24, 2002

Jack Tripper Stole My Dog

A Novel by Tenzin McGrupp

Here is a second excerpt from the NaNoWriMo novel:

He didn’t know about the engagement. But he knew about Sasha breaking up with Slab after she came home from work early one afternoon and caught Slab having sex with a petite Malaysian girl whom he picked up at the dogrun in Tompkins Square Park. But that wasn’t the worse of it. The girl’s dog was tearing apart one of Sasha’s sketch books, and Slab’s drummer, Yohan, the one-eyed stick handling wonder from Reykjavik, Iceland was embroiled in a severe and fierce masturbating session on their couch, sniffing a pair of Sasha’s dirty underwear, while wearing another pair of her panties on his head.

Sasha was furious and snatched up the Malaysian girl’s pug and tossed it out the fourth floor window of their five story walk up on Avenue B. The poor pooch fell hard and fast to the pavement, almost hitting a delivery man from Sushi World, who dodged the falling dog, and watched as it died instantly when it’s neck broke in four different places upon impact.

But she wasn’t done. She went into bedroom, unnoticed by Slab and his partner, who were engaging in a bizarre sex position that she had never seen. She grabbed the box of condoms that she had bought just the night before. She took them into the bathroom and saw that there were eight or nine left. She poked holes into each of the condoms until she ruined the entire box. When she was done, she stealthily walked past Yohan, still clutching his member, his good eye covered by Sasha’s stained undies. She opened the bedroom door and tossed the box of condoms on the floor and slammed the front door.

When she got downstairs she saw a small, yet curious crowd huddled around the dead canine. She began to laugh and ran rampant down the street and almost knocked over a woman coming out of a boutique, and that’s when she met Amanda from Sydney, Australia. From that moment, the nineteen year old Sasha, poured all her energy into her relationship with the affluent Amanda, who’s family had run into some good fortune selling pizza flavored potato chips in Australia, New Zealand, and all over Southeast Asia.

Tenzin McGrupp is a writer from New York City.

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