December 24, 2002

December 2002 (Vol.1, Issue 7)

Welcome to Truckin' my monthly E-Zine. This month's issue includes another Subway Story from me, as well as a pants dropping story from Señor. I chose to share another NaNoWriMo novel sample from Jack Tripper Stole My Dog. So sit back, relax, enjoy, and spread the word! Thanks for all your support! Happy Holidays & Happy New Year! Salukis, McG

1. December Subway Story: Part 1 by Tenzin McGrupp
He sat across from me, with an oversized tattered jacket, and extra bulky pants, probably because he had on at least two pairs of pants, maybe more to keep warm from the bitter December cold. He cradled a ripped, black Glad garbage bag, which apparently contained all his possessions... More

2. I'm Taking Off My Pants! by Señor
Misadventures from the Philippines, Part I: Upon arrival it seemed they were not gonna let me in and upon departure it seemed they were not gonna let me out! Yet the true adventure lies in between. I ignored all warnings from parents, friends and my government and headed off to the Philippines for vacation... More

3. A Phishy Proposal by Tenzin McGrupp
"I cannot believe they got engaged during a Phish show in Las Vegas!" Angela exclaimed, with her wide resplendent eyes reflecting the non-stop twinkle of neon lights in the endless Las Vegas night, as we euphorically walked back to our hotel room... More

4. Jack Tripper Stole My Dog by Tenzin McGrupp
He didn’t know about the engagement. But he knew about Sasha breaking up with Slab after she came home from work early one afternoon and caught Slab having sex with a petite Malaysian girl whom he picked up at the dogrun in Tompkins Square Park... More

5. Pedro's Window by Tenzin McGrupp
Pedro would get up early each morning, before his mother, and even before his grandmother, who’s daily routine began at 5:30 promptly everyday. Pedro would sneak out of his bedroom, the smallest bedroom in the apartment, which he shared with his oldest brother Marcus, who sometimes was passed out from too much cheap rum... More

6. Her Last Christmas Present by Tenzin McGrupp
Her daughter calmly sat at the edge of her bed, as her doelful eyes looked at the small box wrapped up in recycled Santa Claus wrapping paper. She had wondered if her ill seven year old child would make it through the holidays... More