May 02, 2010

In Between Fighting Souls

By Tenzin McGrupp © 2010

Doomsday is near as soon as the politicians go honest.
Bad thoughts are more dangerous than
Wards, dungeons, and prisons.
While most of you sleep,
I lie awake and yawn.
My thoughts about the subtle flecks
Of emerald green in her sea blue eyes
Casually drifted away towards clarity.

My quagmire of a life resembles
A wretched Fox sitcom,
A Shakespeare play,
A black and white Woody Allen film.
Except that Joey Buttafucco is the lead actor
And stands forty-five pounds overweight.

My unspoken silence is a sullen, dangerous,
Listless lunacy that used to turn women on,
Those who where attracted to the
Orgasmic gentleness of crafty madness.
Cunning souls can be as scintillating as a slice of
Junior's cheesecake when digested with a
Side plate of untamed confusion.

Respect the scorns of time and
Rebuke the erroneous laws of nature, then
Perhaps my quiet dismay will disappear to
A titillating place where no traveler returns.
I mock the lost ones,
Cowards of them all.
Clueless ampersands as they stand on a crowded
Subway platform in between two genuine haughty artisans.

I've sweat heavily in my weary life,
Reflections of my ghostly inaction set against a
Riveted backdrop of flames and plumes of smoke.
Without a tongue, I speak with a bedeviled spirit
Ignoring the weakness that I could cure with a
Drop of arsenic,
Indeed, a foul murder just mere moments
Away from ambitious persons who dare to be more than
Blips on the radar screen.

Tenzin McGrupp is a writer originally from New York City.

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