February 05, 2008

Dragon Slayers and the Angry Villagers Versus the Charlyaters and Ja and M

By Mini Waffles © 2008

J and A heard about a war and it was about the angry villagers and the Charlyaters but the angry villagers had to fight to keep their lands. Then they signed up for the war.

The day of the war they got ready with their armor because they heard they had dragons. When the war began A and J had to fight a dragon. The biggest dragon they had ever seen. But then A got hurt and J called Ja and Ja took A away from the war. Then J killed some Charlyaters but then one of the Charlyaters was going to chop off his head but then J dogged it and J chopped off his head.

J was guided by a flying dragon that was on his side. That was the first dragon that was on his side. Then he flew to the king and started shooting at the king but then the dragon got shot. The dragon falls to the ground but then out of the sky Ja and A came out with a dragon and J started fighting too. Then J went to the kings castle. The brave dragon slayer found out that M was hostage. The king was going to stake her.

J stepped forward and said, "Mighty king you can't take our land."

Then there were two guards next to the king. Ja finished off the two guards by throwing a knife in to their heart and J finished off the king by throwing a knife into his heart and J pulled out his heart and it was a dried up old one because he was already dead. And then he went to the king but to get there he had to climb over all the dead people.

Out of the blue they couldn't believe their eyes J said, "I thought we killed the king” and Ja said “I thought I did too. I took out his head."

Then they went to kill the ice dragon but it shot A in the heart but Ja carried her away to the hospital. The ice dragon got hit in the heart and carried away the queen.

J went up to the dragons cave and slayed the dragon. He went to the dragon's cave and saved the queen. He got a silver chalice but A got the gold one.

Mini Waffles is currently a student and enjoys writing stories for his classmates, playing basketball, and checking out hot chicks on TV.

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