September 19, 2006

To Lena; I Hate It

By Sigge S. Amdal © 2006

I hate waiting for the moment
I must disappoint you.
It is not that I am impatient, but I never wait and I never promise.
A promise is superfluous when what's promised is something I intend to do.
A promise puts a context to something that will never occur.
If I decide to do something, I do it.
A promise is by definition a false existent, as it aspires to lay bond on reality.
Consequently, I never promise, no sane man is able to.
But sometimes a smile or a word can carry on, and unintentionally harbor false intentions.
That is, not lies, but intentions I do not have at all, and therefore do not intend to fulfill.
And I fear your enthusiasm and want have brought you to such a state,
as to misinterpret my liking for you as love for you.
If I felt love, believe me, you would know it more concretely than a mapmaker knows the paths of the mountains he draws.
You draw the wrong conclusion.
And now I wait for the moment I must disappoint you.

Sigge S. Amdal is a word wanker from Oslo, Norway.

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