February 25, 2006

Tomorrow Thoughts

By Jaxia Kiley © 2006

Window's open. A soft breeze runs across our skin and under the sheets as we dance together. And I close my eyes as the music ends, waiting for your soothing voice or a gentle kiss. And rumors lie because I can see only you surrounding me, and I envelope you, completing the circle. I feel your smooth skin and your warm touch even when you're far away. I lie around, thinking of little things I can do to show you my thoughts. And I can see your smile of happiness even before they're done. And dreams of what we'll do and what we'll be float freely through my mind. I wonder if forever really crosses your mind. Seems almost real, like it's already happening whenever you're in my arms. Hard to imagine love without you. Hope you'll never go away, because I miss you already. Pull up the covers and move my pillow closer to yours. A warm kiss, pressing my body against the length of yours, and tomorrow I'll tell you about it.

Jaxia Kiley is a poet from Forth Worth, Texas.

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