March 18, 2005

March 2005, Vol. 4, Issue 3

1. Fur Coats and Cowboy Boots by Tenzin McGrupp
I didn't get to see her face, just her light brown boots. She got lost in the shuffle as the other passengers at Times Square scurried inside.... More

2. Doc and the Dream by BG
It started as I began to recognize the significant dates. The date of my divorce. The day I left my ex-wife. The day I married her. They kept rolling past me and I just wanted time to stop, just for a minute... More

3. Bulletproof by C. Anderson Guthrie
I tried my best to not act surprised, but let's see you try to keep a straight face after being told that you're in the same room with the Irish equivalent of John Gotti... More

4. Fresh Bait. by Julia Vettraino
Tumbleweed the size of my car rolled brazenly by, mingling with the asphalt and potato farms as though they owned the land here in the middle of Nowhere, Idaho.... More

5. The Thing I Wanted to Write About by Sean Lovelace
The song was by Fleetwood Mac and did it ever sound true, so true that although I can’t remember the title now, I thought then about buying the CD when I reached Nashville.... More

6. Fishing for Microwaves by Tenzin McGrupp
She slurped a pink drink with a straw and giggled uncontrollably as I stacked up my chips. Her breasts trembled like the ground near Kilauea volcano everytime she laughed.... More

What a Long Strange Trip It's Been...

From the Editor's Laptop:

Thanks for returning for another issue of my literary blogzine. Once again there are two authors making their Truckin' debut. Julia Vettraino and Sean Lovelace are new to the roster and I hope they contribute more stories in the future. BG is back with an excerpt from a manuscript he's been working on. And C. Anderson Guthrie follows up his debut last moth with a thrilling story from his trip to Ireland. It's been a while since I posted a subway story and I have something left over from my last trip to Las Vegas. Sit back, enjoy, and please spread the good word about this site.

Thanks to everyone who shared their bloodwork this month. I always say that the other contributing authors inspire me, because it's true. You guys write for free and if I could pay you, I would. Your time and effort is worth more money than I can ever afford to pay.

I ask that if you like these stories, then please do me and the rest of the writers a huge favor: Tell your friends about your favorite stories. It takes a few seconds to pass along the URL. I certainly appreciate your support. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you know anyone who is interested in being added to the mailing list.

Thanks again. I am grateful that you wasted your time with my site. Until next time.


"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone.... but they've always worked for me." - Hunter S. Thompson

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