December 27, 2004

December 2004 (Vol. 3, Issue 12)

Welcome to the Vegas Special and year ending issue of Truckin'. We have four entertaining Vegas stories featuring poker bloggers, two from me and one each from Otis and BG. I'm happy to add Matt Sims to the roster with a short story called Purdue. Sit back, enjoy, and please spread the good word about this site. Be sweet, McG.

1. Shane and Cody by Tenzin McGrupp
"So which one of you is the bad guy?" I said as I sat down and stacked up my chips into neat columns. "You got the black hat on," as I pointed to Shane, "I'm willing to bet $1 it's you."... More

2. Strippers, Lesbians, and Fanny Packs by BG
I'm not sure if anyone's made the connection between bad strippers and underpriced seafood before, but here we are.... More

3. Ill-equipped by Otis Dart
When drinking at home, I deal in in the realm of the quick-binge. That is, I drink as much as I can in a three-hour window. That usually results in some form of what Uncle Ted likes to call, "losing time."... More

4. Saturday Morning Rockstars by Tenzin McGrupp
Before I could consider the circumstances, like Pavlov's frothing dog and in a worldly Zen moment, the edge of the glass automatically hit my lips as the nectar of the Gods struggled to make its way into my queasy stomach, into my reluctant liver, and into my starving soul... More

5. Purdue by Matt Sims
Lester, as usual, had a fifth of Beam tucked into the "secret" pocket of his coveralls. The designer of this particular style of Carhartt garb probably didn?t have whiskey stow away capacity in mind when he constructed the inner pockets, but Lester had made the proper adjustments to accommodate... More

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