April 25, 2004

April 2004 (Vol. 3, Issue 4)

Thanks for returning to my literary blog-zine. This sensational issue features seven new stories, and three of them are from yours truly; a Miami story, a Vegas story, and something special I wrote for someone special. My favorite Norwegian blogger Sigge, shared a witty tale about my clone. Hilarious. Paris Wispy returns with a sultry tale called Ward. All the way from New Zealand, Richard Bulkeley is back with another excellent read. And lastly, Jessica E. Lapidus concludes the second part to her intense story: rancor. So sit back, relax, and enjoy. Thanks for coming back, McG

1. Pleasure Consultants by Tenzin McGrupp
I fumbled inside my pocket and found the lighter I had bought off of a hairy armpitted hippie chick at setbreak during the Phish concert the night before. Casually, I lit her cigarette, an American Spirit. She seductively glanced at me, the flame illuminated between her green eyes... More

2. Ward by Paris Wispy
A few people are scattered around the cave, gazing at us in wonder. I scarcely notice them. The pool we are in is reflecting the light and prisms of blue are streaking across the walls and ceiling. I am fascinated by this vantage and laugh, delighted by the scene and the excitement in getting here... More

3. My First Adventure with LP by Sigge S. Amdal
The Smithsonian Institution's Research Department had conducted a study going where they needed volunteers for cloning. This was way back when Pauly's writing days had just begun, and short of cash as he was, he agreed to add more Pauliness to this already crazy world... More

4. Roadside Assistance by Tenzin McGrupp
During a drunken conversation at the end of a soused bar, at the end of a serious binge, in between swigs of Stella Artois, she wanted to know what it felt like to watch the wandering afternoon rain fall on top of the tarred roofs of brownstones in Brooklyn... More

5. The Kindness of Strangers by Richard Bulkeley
A dishevelled young man yelled a greeting at me from the other side of the street. He wore a ragged grey coat that looked like he had looted it from a German soldier on the retreat from Moscow... More

6. rancor. (Part II) by Jessica E. Lapidus
Ilka’s parents were unhappy, but how could they begrudge their wheelchair-bound daughter her one wish? ...More

7. Maggie's Flight... Another Miami Story by Tenzin McGrupp
It's always interesting when you are out of your tits stoned and are semi-interrogated by law enforcement figures. Those were the same night stick wielding yahoos who had been beating up protestors weeks before... More