January 30, 2004

January 2004 Truckin' (Vol. 3, Issue 1)

A new year, a new issue, and a new writer! Richard Bulkeley, a fellow poker blogger from New Zealand joins the staff this month with a nice air travel piece. Henry Wasserman returns with the second installment of his novel The Escape Artist. And our favorite Norwegian blogger, Sigge, recants the time he was mugged in Cuba. And I wrote three stories for this issue, one about Miami, one about traveling in 2003 and the last one is a short story that I hope you like. So sit back, relax, and enjoy! Thanks for your support, McG!

1. Miami Stories: Before We Begin... by Tenzin McGrupp
With everyone’s attention span as short as Britney Spear’s first marriage, I’ll have to bring the stories hard and fast and perhaps you’ll catch a whiff of the ocean, or feel the warm sun smiling on you, or hear some of the melodious sounds of funky Phish, and maybe you’ll start to understand why Miami was one of the greatest trips that I have ever taken... More

2. I Got Mugged… Twice! Another Cuba Story by Sigge S. Amdal
Drunk and pretty stupid, I agreed and followed them around the corner. That's when I felt a strong arm around my neck, and this younger guy, probably in his late teens, went through my pockets.... More

3. 25 by Tenzin McGrupp
I walked the streets of twenty-five cities in the last year. Some were dirty. Others were clean. Some were crowded. Others were silent. But the people were the same... More

4. The Escape Artist: Novel Excerpt #2 by Henry Wasserman
He felt a tinge of fear when he heard the surprise in her voice. He remembered the first time he’d gotten hurt, seeing the eyes of his high school trainer after he’d heard something in his knee pop. But John felt confident in his self diagnosis - he hadn’t been wrong in years... More

5. Mile High Fate by Richard Bulkeley
I have spent a wonderfully depressing length of my life in airplanes. It is wonderful, because I am usually going somewhere exciting. It is depressing because, well because it is air travel... More

6. Never Trust a Naked Guy Juggling Three Cantaloupes by Tenzin McGrupp
With her lanky fingers drenched in top shelf vodka, she unsympathetically popped both olives deep into her gaping mouth. She sensuously and slowly licked both fingers, and almost fell off her bar stool when she caught me staring at her... More