October 24, 2002

Loveless Sex AND Sexless Love

A Señor Story © 2002

Back in July I didn't know why I was going to Samui and I didn't know how long I would stay here. All I knew was that Samui was calling my name and so I listened. Now it is October and I have a pretty good idea why I needed to come here, but I still have no clue as to how long I'll be staying. Some days I wake up thinking the time has come to move on. Other days I am ready to buy a house and make Samui my full time home. Regardless, I came here with an open mind and very few goals. I really just wanted to live each moment and enjoy.

I did however, have a couple of thoughts. Most importantly I did not want to find love on Samui. I am not here for that! The last thing I need is to fall in love than leave the country and break two hearts simultaneously. Been there, done that! Almost as importantly I wanted to enjoy lots of sex! Now in most countries loveless sex is pretty common, but Thailand is not most countries. In July I firmly believed that all Thai women were either married, virgins, or prostitutes. The married ones are untouchable. The virgins won't have sex before marriage. The prostitutes are women that have had sex with hundreds of men in a country where AIDS is running rampant. Not exactly an appealing situation. Combine these factors with the fact that on my so called spiritual quest I have given up masturbation and what does a guy have to do to "get off" safely. This my friends is my quandary!!

The longer I stay here the more I learn about Thai society and culture. I have come to realize that life concerning Thai women is not as black and white as I initially believed. Oh yes, there is a grey area! This grey area consists of two categories. The first category consists of virgins around the age of 30. These women have given up waiting for "Mr. Right." Now more than anything else they just want to experience sex. Give them a man who they are somewhat attracted to and who treats them somewhat decently and they are ready to have sex, without love or a relationship. The second category of women consists of women who once, long ago were deeply in love. These women had sex with the men that they believed they would marry. These women had their hearts broken. Never mind that, they experienced the joys of sex and no longer believe in the same taboos against sex that the rest of Thai society shares. If horny, these women will not only have, but seek out sex. Keep in mind for both these types of women sex involved with love and a relationship is preferable, however they accept the fact that reality isn't always like a fairy tale. I have been fortunate enough to meet one women from each of these categories.

This is the story of Noi and Angkana.

Noi is a 28 year old virgin. She is without a doubt the most giving selfless person I have ever met. She is there for anyone and everyone no matter what the need. A couple of months ago Noi offered to cook diner for me. Little did I know this meant that she would be cooking all my meals for the next two months! I never asked her to do this, but given the fact that I am a bachelor that cannot cook, living alone, I was pretty happy about this. Next thing I know Noi began cleaning my house and doing my laundry. One night she fell asleep in my bed while watching a movie and she hasn't left since. When I came home the next day, not only did I find all her clothes in my closet, but also, I kid you not, she had hung a poster size picture of herself in my living room! Too funny! So I never asked her to live with me, but she moved in and I didn't mind. At the risk of sounding arrogant I believe Noi fell deeply in love with me. All this time I never touched Noi in bed. I even went so far as to flat out tell her that she is only my friend and I am actively looking elsewhere for casual sex. The next night Noi woke me up at 2:00AM and said, " Will you please have sex with me?" I never thought that I would say no to this question, but I did. She tried to convince me that it wouldn't mean anything, but I knew it would and did not want to go there. Noi still cooks for me, cleans for me, does my laundry, sleeps in my bed and I still have not touched her.

Angkana is a 30 year old Thai women. She is beautiful, fun, energetic, sexy and not a virgin. When I first met Angkana I told her that I was looking for casual sex and she reponded, "Great, I love sex!" Well I knew this was the girl for me. For the past two months I have been living with Noi and having sex with Angkana. I have been very honest with both ladies and they both know about each other. When I told Noi about Angkana she was physically shaken, but she composed herself and actually asked me if she could still cook and clean for me! When I told Angkan about Noi she was pissed! She said no more sex until I kick Noi out of my house. Twenty minutes later Angkana jumped on top of me and began kissing me. She told me to forget about what she said earlier, the sex is too good! So life in Thailand is good!

How good you wonder? Last week I took a road trip to Bangkok with Angkana. Noi was not happy about this, but accepted it. Angkana works for a five star hotel on Samui. Through her connections we were able to stay in one of the nicest hotels in all of Thailand for free! There I was living in the lap of luxury having unbelievable sex with a sexy woman. Upon arriving home back in Samui Noi had just finished ironing my t-shirts! She had cleaned my house so it was spotless and as soon as I walked in she began cutting fresh fruit for me that she had just picked up from the fruit market. Sometimes I think I am dreaming!

I've managed to avoid love and find sex. I don't know how long it will last, but in the meantime every moment is special and I am enjoying life to the fullest!

Señor is a pants dropper from from Samui, Thailand.

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