August 23, 2002

August 2002 (Vol. 1, Issue 3)

Welcome to Truckin' my monthly E-Zine. This month's issue features two stories from Señor, one about a love story in Cambodia and the other about his recent self exploration in Thailand. Jessica E. Lapidus shares with us a childhood experience on the Dragon Coaster. Contributing once again is Armando Huerta who gives us a humorous take on gun toting prostitutes in Brazil. Zobo takes us to the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. Skipford Van Beaverhausen dishes us the scoop on fine dining in Orlando. And yours truly, Tenzin McGrupp has two stories to share. The first is an account of my Phishy travels in Nagoya, Japan and the other story recalls the saddest day in Grateful Dead history, the day Jerry Garcia died. Relax, enjoy, and please tell your friends about this site. Thanks for all your support. Salukis! McG

Nagoya by Tenzin McGrupp
Playland by Jessica E. Lapidus
An Insider’s Guide to Orlando Restaurants by Skipford Van Beaverhausen
Jacaranda Hookers by Armando Huerta
Furthur by Señor
Zobo's Tie by Zobo
Cambodian Love Story by Señor
Jerry Day by Tenzin McGrupp