February 14, 2003

What a Long Strange Trip it's Been...

From the Editor's Laptop:

Hey, it's the 9th issue of Truckin'! 2003 is underway, and I'm pleased with the new direction that Truckin' is headed!

Again, thanks to the writers who spilled their blood and guts this year, and worked hard to meet deadlines to make each and every issue kick ass. I am humbled and proud of all of your efforts!

Please feel free to e-mail this link to your friends, families, co-workers, cellmates, lifemates, etc. Help spread the good word about this site and the writers!

Without your help, Truckin' would be just another boring website!! Special thanks to Dave Simanoff and his weblog: The Daily Dave which turned one year old this past week. Without his help, none of this would be possible!

If you would like to comment or contact any of the authors, please send an E-mail to: Contact Truckin'

Again thanks for your support!
Be Sweet,

"The best fiction is far more true than any kind of journalism." - William Faulkner

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