July 25, 2002

What a Long Strange Trip It's Been...

From the Editor's Laptop:

I couldn't be more pleased with the positive responses and generous feedback from the June Issue!! This is month two and Issue Two and I'm elated with the story content for this month: Greece, Laos, Paris, Myanmar, the NYC subways, Reykjavik,and Bonnaroo. Yes, I'm laughing and loving every second that I get to read about all these special places visited by all my favorite freaky friends. And to publish them goves me even more joy and satisfaction.

Again thanks to all the writers who submitted their blood work to Truckin' and who shared their travel experiences with us, and thanks to you, the reader, for your support! AND special thanks to Jessica Lapidus for her proofreading and editorial skills, without them, this issue would have missed the deadline!

Please spread the word about this site and E-zine and good karma will come your way. My sources tell me that Truckin is being read on four continents as we speak. Thanks for spreading the good word! You are all good kids and good caddies.

Next month, August, will be the best issue to date! Expect another hilarious travel story from Armando and two of Truckin's writers, Zobo and Señor are currently in Asia working on their next assignments. And I'll have one or two surpises for you.

In the meantime read my most recent experiment in group fiction, E-Story 3: The Bloody Hands, which was written by 14 different authors! The next E-Story 4: Merry's Gift was written by nine authors and is almost done and will be out on August 1. And I'm already thinking up ideas for E-5 and E-6!

If you would like to comment or contact any of the authors, please send an E-mail to: CONTACT TRUCKIN'

Again, thanks for your support!

"I ain't afraid to be what I want to be." - Muhamed Ali

Truckin' Staff

Editor: Paul McGuire
Editorial Assistant: Jessica Lapidus
July Staff Writers: Señor, Armando Huerta, Jessica Lapidus, Mark Zoblotsky & Tenzin McGrupp

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