Stories by Paul McGuire

Paul McGuire is a writer originally from New York City. He is the author of Lost Vegas. He has written for Fox Sports and Bluff Magazine. In addition, he's the founder of several blogs including Truckin', Tao of Pauly, Tao of Poker, and Coventry Music. He also writes under the pen name Tenzin McGrupp. All Truckin' stories prior to August 2006 were credited to Tenzin McGrupp. A few stories in 2010 were also credited to Tenzin Mcgrupp.

Truckin' Archives for Paul McGuire/Tenzin McGrupp:

Cusco to Ollantaytambo to Augas Caliente (June 2011)
Cusco (May 2011)
Solomon's Cranium (April 2011)
Matisse's Chorizo (March (2011)
Sweet T'ings (February 2011)
Waiting on Eastman (January 2011)

Christmas Bird (December 2010)
Hot August (November 2010)
The Wait (October 2010)
Punta del Mota (September 2010)
Invisible (August 2010)
Bryant Park (August 2010)
Everest (July 2010)
Free (July 2010)
Inertia Junction (June 2010)
152 Peaches (June 2010)
Uncle Louie (May 2010)
Lovers' Whirlwind (April 2010)
Hip Cat Jargon (April 2010)
Purple Pajamas (March 2010)
Lymie Malibu (February 2010)
China Rider (February 2010)
Tubes Under Sand (January 2010)
Dispatches from Miami: The Lot (January 2010)

Stiff Santa (December 2009)
The Stoop (November 2009)
The Booth (October 2009)
Tangerine Rockets (September 2009)
Modigliani (August 2009)
Trading Pickles (July 2009)
Pink Dragons (June 2009)
Popeye (May 2009)
Brownstone (April 2009)
Monroe (March 2009)
Kitchen Table (February 2009)
Pancakes (February 2009)
The Mollification the Foul Temptresses (January 2009)

The Last Christmas (December 2008)
Corner of Hopelessness (December 2008)
Jupiter Four, Part 1 (November 2008)
Maisy Wednesday (October 2008)
Feline Existentialism (September 2008)
Even More Existentialist Conversations with Strippers (August 2008)
Berlin (July 2008)
Ikeaphobia (June 2008)
Sundays (May 2008)
Bong Hits with Rachael Ray (April 2008)
Next to Mama Cass (March 2008)
Benson and Hedges (February 2008)
Existentialist Conversations with Strippers: The Squirter (January 2008)

Santa (December 2007)
Existentialist Conversations with Strippers: The Afternoon Shift (November 2007)
AlCantHang and I Walk Into a Bar (October 2007)
Monk's Siberian Dream (September 2007)
Pyramid (August 2007)
Snapshot (July 2007)
Donuts with Baby & Winky (June 2007)
60 Hours in Amsterdam, Part 1 (May 2007)
Flight of the Stripper (April 2007)
Slices (March 2007)
Big Day Out (February 2007)
Merry Ethan (January 2007)

12 (December 2006)
Grey Haze (November 2006)
Malcolm in the Middle Smokes Crack (November 2006)
October Subway Stories (October 2006)`
Can't Find My Way Home (September 2006)
The Menagerie of Tweakers in Puerile City (August 2006)
Memories in a Box (July 2006)
Late Night Donuts (June 2006)
Kentucky Waffle House (May 2006)
Bloggers and Bunnies: Where's AlCantHang? (April 2006)
Let's Do Lunch (March 2006)
Highway Job (February 2006)
Can I Hit It and Quit? (February 2006)
Subway Bitch Slap (January 2006)

Sunset (December 2005)
Las Vegas Blvd. Hookers (November 2005)
Baby & Winky Reprise (October 2005)
September Subway Story (September 2005)
Red Light City (September 2005)
More Existentialist Conversations with Strippers: Crazy Horse & Sapphire (August 2005)
Otis Has Left the Building (July 2005)
Existentialist Conversations with Strippers Part III (June 2005)
Hill Jack (May 2005)
Existentialist Conversations with Strippers Part II (May 2005)
Subway Story: The Weary Porter (April 2005)
Existentialist Conversations with Strippers Part I (April 2005)
Fur Coats and Cowboy Boots (March 2005)
Fishing for Microwaves (March 2003)
Mirth (February 2005)
Happy Birthday, Gladys (February 2005)
Sunday Morning in December (January 2005)

Shane and Cody (December 2004)
Saturday Morning Rock Stars (December 2004)
Gumbo (November 2004)
Moments in a Box (October 2004)
Vintage (October 2004)
Walking to Coventry (October 2004)
Charlie's Albatross (September 2004)
Vermont Wake Up Call (September 2004)
Lost Puppy (August 2004)
Sundrenched (July 2004)
Amanda Dick (July 2004)
Lacrecia (July 2004)
A Harmonica Subway Story (June 2004)
She Smelled Like Fresh Flowers (June 2004)
Baki Baki (June 2004)
While She Cries: A Subway Story (May 2004)
Strange Design: A Vegas Story (May 2004)
Bowling for Jailbait (May 2004)
Pleasure Consultants (April 2004)
Roadside Assistance (April 2004)
Maggie's Flight (April 2004)
Neon Kisses (March 2004)
Sad Amy (March 2004)
A Monday Night Subway Story (February 2004)
At the Dog Track (February 2004)
Miami Stories.... Before We Begin (January 2004)
25 (January 2004)
Never Trust a Naked Guy Juggling Three Cantaloupes (January 2004)

Subway Story: Excess Skin (December 2003)
Subway Stalker Part I (November 2003)
Confessions of a Donut Junkie (November 2003)
Novel Excerpt: The Blind Kangaroo (November 2003)
Chill from an Open Window (October 2003)
Halloween Moments (October 2003)
Subway Story: Kids with Carrots (September 2003)
Burnt Rubber, Rotten Bananas, and Dead Poodles (September 2003)
Dogshit Mountain (September 2003)
What Yo-yo? (August 2008)
Baby, Winky, and the $1 Blowjob (August 2008)
Halibut, Cici's Pall Mall, and Blazing Saddles (August 2008)
Summer Getaway with the Dead (August 2003)
Halibut (July 203)
Baby, Winky, and Van Gogh's Ear (July 2003)
El Diablo Rojo (July 2003)
Sexual Chocolate: Another Baby & Winky Adventure (June 2003)
Outside Providence Part 1: The Howl of a Greyhound (June 2003)
Outside Providence Part 2: The Kato Shuffle (June 2003)
Subway Story: May Flowers (May 2003)
Baby's Steak Knife and Winky' Salad (May 2003)
Crispy Lineta (May 2003)
Betty's New Shoes (May 2003)
May Indie Film Review (May 2003)
Subway Vision (April 2003)
Baby, $2,000, and the Dork Brothers (April 2003)
Vegas, Two Canadian Hockey Players, and a Kansas Blonde (April 2003)
April Indie Film Review (April 2003)
Dealers, Cabbies, and Waitresses (April 2003)
Jesus Next to Me (April 2003)
Subway Story: Ides of March (March 2003)
Shooting Pool (March 2003)
New Jersey Blues (March 2003)
Mollydelphia (March 2003)
Strong Island Unbound (March 2003)
March Indie Film Review (March 2003)
The Girl Next Door: Episode 2 (March 2003)
Subway Story: Fallen Angel (February 2003)
The Girl Next Door (February 2003)
February Indie Film Review (February 2003)
Growers (February 2003)
Man in the Clown Suit, Part 1 (January 2003)
Phish Reunion Concert (January 2003)
January Indie Film Reviews (January 2003)
Dream Bubbles (January 2003)

A Phishy Proposal (December 2002)
Novel Excerpt #2: Jack Tripper Stole My Dog (December 2002)
Pedro's Window (December 2002)
Her Last Christmas Present (December 2002)
Subway Stories: Far Corner (November 2002)
Novel Excerpt #1: Jack Tripper Stole My Dog (November 2002)
Flutterbys (November 2002)
S.P.U.D. (November 2002)
Labor Day (November 2002)
Jake's Beer (October 2002)
Monday Morning, Montego Bay (October 2002)
Goodbye, Pussycats! (October 2002)
Tela and Cheese Sandwich (October 2002)
A Caged Bird Sings on the Subway (September 2002)
The Cookie Junkie (September 2002)
Nagoya (August 2002)
Jerry Day (August 2002)
The Worst Subway Ride (July 2002)
La Bakeri (July 2002)
Subway Quotes (June 2002)
Fukuoka, Phishy City (June 2002)
Catch Up Conversation (June 2002)